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Who we are..

Hello, and a warm friendly welcome from the Alie Family.

Allowing me into such a personal and raw time in your lives is something I value so much every time someone chooses me to capture their memories. I feel its important you know a bit about my family to allow us to connect in your session so you know me a little and feel more comfortable when allowing me into your sacred space. 

So here we are in a nutshell.

Scott & I first met in 2011 we instantly fell head over heels with each other the love at first sight kinda story! 

Having children was the first and for most important thing in our lives and it was a journey that didn’t come easily. Abit of a backstory, I lost one of my ovaries at age 14 so knew that conceiving would not be an easy journey for us. With the help of the amazing specialists we have been so very lucky!

The odds were in our favour and we were so blessed to welcome our first born girl Sophie in April 2013. Birthing your first child gives you this kinda sense that you can do anything. So in July 2013 just 2 months after having Sophie Make Believe Photography was born. I decided to pursue my passion which soon turned my dream into reality and it has been growing ever since. In 2017 our second girl Scarlett was born and in 2021 our third girl Saige. Conceiving and growing our girls has most certainly been the best journey we have ever endured together to have 3 amazing and beautiful girls to call our own is a dream come true for us and we count our lucky stars every day.

Scott and I purchased our first home in Pakenham which was the home to my very first photography studio in 2015 which is where all the magic currently happens. 

We were finally married right before covid went crazy in March 2020 at the breathtaking hidden grove in Noosa, just a very small and intimate styled wedding which was absolutely perfect.

We love family time and finding the simple things in life to brighten our day. We love being outdoors and having adventures together. Scott is a full time plumber, however he is also a jack of all trades and a true perfectionist when it comes to anything building. Our girls love dancing, singing, getting messy with crafts or outside and playing dress ups all the fun girl things to do. I really find that photographing your memories is my enjoyment, my outlet if you will. It is my true passion and my fire inside. Being a mum myself I know first hand how quickly this time goes and just how precious it is to capture all of the important firsts and milestones! 



I am the owner and operator of Make Believe Photography.
I am described as a patient, gentle and caring person. I became a nurse because I get enjoyment out of helping others. It fills my cup up knowing that something I can do for someone else has an impact on their happiness and wellbeing. I was always told from a young age that I have a nurturing nature which is why i adore being a mum so much. I always go above and beyond to be the best person I can be. I am also a clean freak just ask my husband and kids. I love to find enjoyment out of the little things in life and practice gratitude often. 

A Personal Project Empowering Mother's is also my passion

I  have an ongoing project called the “motherhood project – be the change for our children and embrace you.” It helps mum’s to feel confident and comfortable in their changed bodies after child birth. Every mother that has participated in this project said that they felt changed after this. They accepted their bodies and had a new found love and respect for themselves even long after going through the experience. Giving women this power is such a strong passion of mine it is seriously life changing. If you are interested please feel free to reach out to me. 

Free Planning Consultation

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