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Trusting another person to nurture, hold and handle your newborn baby is a big deal. I just want to assure you that I take this responsibility very seriously.

Newborn memories are best captured between 7 – 14 Days, family memories are strongly encouraged.

  • I am fully immunized
  • I have strict hygiene practices which ensure a safe place for your baby to be in*
  • I am a Registered Endorsed Enrolled nurse and have my first aid and CPR competency for infants to adults renewed regularly to keep them fresh as an additional compentancy*
  • I have completed and continue to update my knowledge in how to safely pose and handle newborns, their safety is my #1 priority always
  • People describe my personality to be patient, gentle, caring and calm 


I absolutely adore that I get to do this as my job the first few weeks of your newborns life is always such a blur, between learning your new baby’s wants and needs and the sleep deprivation its easy to forget how little they once were. Capturing all the tiny details and your doting love for your baby to be able to look back at upon and remember this moment and how you felt is the reason I do what I do. There is nothing like it and a time you cant get back. 

*Complimentary Hair and Makeup is included for you mumma and access to my huge collection of beautiful dresses!

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