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Keepsake Box's

We have 2 types of keepsake box’s to choose from. These are a truly amazing product that hold your beautiful memories printed on true silver halide on Kodak Endura paper matted in a V-Groove matte board ready to place into a frame for you to display in your home and then can return back to the keepsake box for you to keep for generations. They can also be displayed on an easel or in a wooden block. 


We have 2 types of beautiful albums to choose from both personalised and customised each uniquely designed by Make Believe Photography.

These beautiful albums are printed on 235gsm archival art papers which are imported from the USA. They have 200gsm of white card between each page to make them thick and durable

These are an amazing product to sit down with the family to flick through to reminisce these incredible moments we have captured and talk about your story together, how you felt, your favourite things about them. Chilrden absolutely love flicking through albums also, watch their face light up as they see themself feel loved. 

We even have small parent albums which are a replica of the larger albums which are a great gift for your child or grandparent. 


Frames and Collections

Our print lab handcrafts their frames from premium Meranti Hardwood. They use high quality acid-free materials combined with archival fine art printing on cottong rag papers for long-lasting premium picture frames. They have a very high quality finishing including double-washed glass and stainless steel hanging wire which can all be viewed in person in our display room located at the studio. There are 4 colour choices to suit each home style. There is also the choice of a beautifully torn edge which creates a unique effect with the appearance of the photograph floating in the frame or straight edge mounted behind a matte board. We have a range of different collections to choose from to be the centre piece to make your home feel like the warm family home it is. 


Our canvas prints come perfectly finished in a stunning box frame, they are of the highest quality made from hardwood timber to guarantee its structural integrity. The Canvas has a coat of premium laminate which helps protect it against scratching, fading and fungus. They come with a 75 year guarantee for accidental damages. You can even wipe them with a clean damp cloth. They would make a statement piece in any home. 

Wood Prints

Our wood prints are printed on archival paper and coated with a protective laminate and then layered onto a CNC-routed panel made from sustainable Australian timber plantations. The can be made to either hang or placed onto a wooden stand. They come in circular or rectangular shapes and are a truly rustic piece.


Your image is printed on archival paper and mounted behind thick clear perspex to sit on shelves and desks. They are a very simple yet beautiful art piece and are so versatile. 

Metal Prints

Our Chromaluxe Metal Prints are printed on genuine Chromaluxe metal panels using a 7 channel sublimation printer. They feature crystal sharp printing and vibrant colours. They are a lightweight and bring a WOW factor by its beautiful finish. 


Did you know that USB’s and hard drives only have a shelf life of approx 10 years but it can be less. This means if you dont frequently back up your photos onto new drives every couple of years you risk losing your memories forever!

Prints will long outlive any digital file which is why it is so important to have them printed professionally. 

Other printing places in the public use cheap inks and cheap paper making your photos appear different colours and also dont last very long. 

Turn around time is quiet quick usually within 2 weeks of ordering which is done at the time of your design appointment approx 1 – 2 weeks after your memories are captured. 

The print lab that Make Believe Photography uses only prints for professional photographers, they use world-class archival materials used in all products you cant get your memories preserved anywhere better. They offer Unconditional, 100% Money Back Guarantee on all products. They have a 75 year full replacement warranty on all canvas prints.

Please never use the plastic hooks that stick on the wall its important to use the metal hooks with the nails to prevent your artwork from falling accidentally and breaking. 

"Preserving Memories: The Significance of Prints in Your Home"

Ultimately, having prints of your family on your walls creates an environment that promotes love, connection, and personal history. It serves as a constant reminder of the meaningful relationships and experiences that shape your life, making your house truly feel like a home.