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It really depends on what kind of photoshoot your booking. 

Maternity is best booked from 12 weeks gestation the sooner the better as its not a time that can get back we capture these between 32 – 36 weeks.

Newborn is best booked before baby is here, i understand though if you have forgotten because life gets busy and you have other things on your mind or perhaps its something you didnt know you needed until your baby was here and thats ok too. We can do newborn sessions up to 2 months old. please note though best age for newborn photos is taken between 7 – 12 days which is why its important to book in prior to get your due date in my diary even if baby doesnt come on due date thats ok i only take a specific number of newborn sessions per month. 

Milestone sessions are best booked approx 6 weeks in advance if you would like them displayed at the birthday this allows enough time for you to get them back. However if this doesnt bother you, you can book them in when you wish.

Family or couples it depends what time of year your wanting them if you are are thinking an outdoor session at the beach or a beautiful sunset i recommend these be booked for the months of October – February latest March. However I can capture your memories at any time just as long as it is yucky weather. I do love a good dramatic sky though and autumn brings beautiful colours too you just need to make sure to rug up.

Weddings Its best to book as soon as you start planning to ensure your selected date is available. 

You can book any session with me here

Again depends on what month it is and session type. This is something we can discuss in detail in your design consultation when booking. I always tell my clients to steer away from clothing with logos and distracting patterns on them as that takes it away from you guys. 

I always also remind my clients that these are your memories and its important you dress in clothing that reflects you and your style. There’s no good me telling you specifically what to wear and it not be something you would feel comfortable in otherwise you wont like your memories. 

I also have a large client wardrobe at my studio if you dont have anything you like in your own and would like to borrow anything your welcome to. I have a huge variety for women of all sizes and children of both genders from newborn to 12 months plus some older girls dresses too.

I am not what is called a “shoot and burn” photographer. In other words I dont just take your memories and hand them to you in a digital format to last a short time before they either become lost in cyber space or the driver you place them onto dies. Your memories are captured with the intent on preserving them to pass onto future generations to carry on yours and your children’s legacy this is done by turning them into artworks so hard copy, but dont worry you will receive the digital copies to what you choose as well. Not only this but i strive in delivering my clients the highest possible experience and quality there is. I have also had 10 years of experience in the industry and no how to handle newborns safely. I am also fully immunized and have strict hygiene practices to make it a safe environment for my clients.  I am also insured and registered. 

With me at your design appointment we will go through all of your memories and you will pick your favourite, you will then choose how you would love to have them turned into works of art. This ensures the best possible quality of your memories to last as long as possible. I have so many options and choices for you to pick from there is something for everyone’s style. 

You can view some of the artworks on offer here

I most certainly do, I use a company called Payright. They have interest free payments with really small joining and account keeping fees. You can choose the term of your loan from 2, 3, 6, 12 or 18 months for fortnightly or monthly installments. It only takes 10 to 15 minutes to go through the process They will do a credit check and if approved it only takes minutes.

Your design appointment will be ready in 1 – 2 weeks from your session date. If you do a maternity and newborn combined sessions however we will do your design appointment after the newborn session and you will see both maternity and newborn together. 

So noone can predict when the arrival of their baby will be so what we do is we put your due date in my bookings calendar which secures you a spot. I only take a certain amount of newborn due dates per month to ensure I can always schedule babies in 7 – 12 days which is the most ultimate time for a newborn session. Don’t worry though if it is passed this time I understand that it may be too much or overwhelming or you might still be healing ect we can take your newborn memories right up to 2 months old, we only say the best time is up to 12 days because babies are born with relaxin which slowly starts to leave their bodies after 2 weeks which enables us to easily manipulate them into those cute squishy positions. 

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I most certainly am, being a nurse also I have to be fully immunized up to date annually. Have the peace of mind of knowing that your baby is in safe hands. I will also never work which is just a given and I also expect the same from my clients to notify me if unwell so we can reschedule. 

You can reach out to me at any time at [email protected] or contact me via phone text or call at 0413045373 or go to my bookings page here

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